Saturday, September 26, 2009

One year!

365 days ago I went on a date.

I had been officially single for almost a year and a half.

I wasn't looking for something other than someone to pass the time when the little ones were with their dad. I had three days a week that I could do something different, something other than sit at my desk in front of a computer until all hours of the night.

My darling friend Ms. Single Mama clued me in on a dating site Plenty of Fish. It was free, I had just deleted my yahoo dating profile and taken down all the others, however this one seemed a bit more promising a less anonymous than Craigslist.

I saw his profile. He was holding his son, they both were smiling and seemed carefree. I needed someone fun in my life so, I wrote him a quick note, funny, witty and went to bed.

A week later we ended up next to one another, and a year later, I woke up next to him.

It has been a surreal trip, we seemed to be on opposite ends of the spectrum and somehow ended up meeting in the middle.

So... with that said.... Happy Anniversary baby! One year and more to come... you are everything and more.

Now for those readers who didn't know me a year ago.... here are the posts of our first weeks together. He was amazing enough to put his side together for me when we first started dating, on his own, without me asking... perhaps I have a blogging partner? It's a thought!


She Said- Part 1

He Said- Part 1

She Said- Part 2
He Said- Part 2

She Said- Part 3
He Said- Part 3

She Said- Part 4
He Said- Part 4

He Said- Solo
She Said- Solo

She Said- Part 5
He Said- Part 5


Lisa Sharp said...


Michelle said...

oh my gosh has it been a year already!? I remember those first few weeks/dates with the he said/she said posts - they were great to read! Congrats on a year and many more together!

Michelle said...
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Charlotte said...

Congrats, Lil. He said/she said is one of my favorites...its just so magical and perfect. It gioves me alot of hope and inspiration!

Xenia said...

The best part of going back and reading all of your He Said/She Said posts is already knowing the end! I'm one of those people that doesn't like a movie or story if it doesn't have a happy ending... and I love knowing you two are still joyously together and in love.

Happy Anniversary!

Anonymous said...

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Lai-Lai said...

4 more days and I get to meet him!! and you get to meet mine!! yayayay!! OMG can you believe it! 4 more days!!!

Joanna said...

Happy Anniversary!! (a little late, I know) But ((hug)) to you anyways!!

Ms. Single Mama said...

I'm late too... but SO happy for you. And now I know why you give me credit, b/c of Plenty of Fish and my reference to it. Funny how our networks lead us to everything we need.