Wednesday, October 15, 2008

He Said- Part 3

I am sure we both had back up plans, mine was a liquor store and some Nintendo WII.. I did not want to go socialize with anyone I just wanted to be with her, somewhere quiet where we could continue conversations.

Surprisingly, I threw out that we go for a drive and more shockingly she said yes.

I decided to hold to down the GPS button and close my eyes. Wherever it stopped we would go to the nearest town. Flagler, Colorado, in retrospect not such a good move but once again I was outside of my realm with her.

Grabbed some fuel and some snacks and began driving. That was 10:00pm. We talked for hours and drove for miles. She looked so good under the cover of darkness and dash lights. It was like I was in high school without the fear of curfew from my parents.

I had told myself that I needed to stick with my rules of engagement concerning affection, as not to scare her off, but she was amazing and I fought wanting to kiss her all night.

8 hours, 325 miles later

I dropped her off at her car. By that time, I had memorized every curve of the face and how her eyes became glassy when she begins to get tired.

Did I forget to mention the kiss? I could not control it anymore I had to know if the spark I was feeling was mutual. I broke the cardinal rule of mine “no kiss on the first date” however it was well worth it and it subsided the torment that had been building for hours.

The perfect date was at a close and much like the end of Christmas I was fulfilled and yet had an empty spot, within me, when I watched her drive away.

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