Crunchy Green Mom - Suzanne

Crunchy Green Mom - Suzanne

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Mile High Farms - My family's pumpkin patch tradition

My family and I have made this a yearly tradition since they opened. It's a very rural area in East Denver and we have watched it grow every year. It's been a beautiful tradition to share with my kids since they were very little and when we drive up I have a car full of excited kids jumping out!

This year at Mile High Farms, get ready for the newest additions of activities inspired by the most creative individuals on the planet - kids of course! They have a Craft Castle full of imaginative stations for the entire family. Also, they’ve upcycled a 1937 Chevy School Bus into a birthday party destination where you can host your child's special events! And you don't want to miss the new maze inspired by what they believe to be an undiscovered dinosaur found on the land while planting the pumpkins! Their approach is simple; plant with imagination, water with fun, grow something special. Follow them on Facebook for all the details. Fall Into Fun at Mile High Farms!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Football Season Wintery Hot Dark Chocolate & $300 Amazon Gift card Giveaway

When the leaves start to change and the temps cool off, that’s when I remember sitting out on the hill watching my son practice during his freshman year of football. I used to scan the field and wait to see him playing with his teammates. I grew up in Texas, the land of football, where I knew that ONE of my sons would play football. My oldest son knew he would play football in high school; there was no doubt our mind.

Now that he is in his second year of college I find myself nostalgic as I drive by the high school watching his old team practice. I remember the football parties, the jumping and screaming as they went through the playoffs and I still can’t think about his gesture toward the stands his last game without crying.

So, in memory of my son, this amazing football weather that Colorado is having and still being part of the football world by raising a cheerleader now, I am making the one thing that got me through those seasons.


Football weekends call for late nights freezing in the stands. So when you finally get home, peel off the wet, icy clothing and defrost your toes, a crockpot full of peppermint hot cocoa and “spirits” always ends the night off with ease.

 Photo courtesy of

Before you leave for the game start a small crockpot of:

Wintery Hot Dark Chocolate (crockpot version)

1 cup of whipping cream (heavy)
3 cups of milk (Don’t skimp, use whole milk)
7 oz condensed milk
1 1/2 cup of dark chocolate chips (or shave, chop up a dark chocolate bar to have it melt evenly)
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

For cinnamon flavor- add a cinnamon stick

For peppermint flavor – add some crushed up peppermint sticks


Whisk all the ingredients together.
Let simmer in the crockpot for at least 2 hours. The longer you allow the ingredients to mix, the better

Adult Hot cocoa:      Get a lovely bottle of Fireball Whiskey – use at your leisure.

If you are looking for more ideas on cocktails to make for a Fantasy Football/Super Bowl or simply a Friday night. Check out my Pinterest board:

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I belong to a group of the most incredible women bloggers on the internet, the Alpha Blogga Blogga Sisters.  Some of us pooled together our resources to create the ultimate fall giveaway, with a prize of a $300 Amazon gift card.  (Hint:  The holidays will be here before you know it, and this is perfect to help with holiday shopping!)

Comment Question: Who is your favorite football team?? (Even if it's your high school team, give me a name of one you love!)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The bloggers involved in this giveaway are:
Desiree Miller from Stress-Free Baby, Lara Dipaola from Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom, Barb Likos from Mom Off Track,  Amy Barseghian from OC Mentor,  Jill Mansfield from Cap City Moms, Meagan Shamy from Mommy Travels, Jennifer Close from Two Kids and A Map, Karin Sheets from Special Needs Travel Mom, Mary Heston with Mary, Laura Neiman from Housewife Hellraiser,  Sarah Vickers from Moose and Tater, Laura Kelly from Laura Kelly Designs, and Julie Cohn with A Little Bite of Life!   (We have several other members of ABB Sisters who are not part of the giveaway.)  Be sure to click on their links below to see the great football food, cocktails, crafts, and other ideas they have for you!  
Insert lawyer sounding voice here:   Starting Sunday 9/7 at 12 a.m. and ending Sunday 9/21 at 11:59 p.m. (technically 9/22 at 12 a.m within Rafflecopter). Open to residents of the US and Canada, 18+ yrs of age. No purchase necessary. Giveaway sponsored by Alpha Blogga Blogga Sisters and is not affiliated with Amazon in anyway.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

July 4th with Glen Eden Resorts and Steamboat Springs

My husband and I got the chance to take our 4 youngest children to stay at the Glen Eden Resort outside of Steamboat Springs in July for a wonderful 4 day retreat. We had no idea what to expect and by the photos of this hidden gem, we weren't expecting what we found.

The cabins are available for rent year round. (See here) Many of them are privately owned and stocked/personalized by the owners. The resort offers a cleaning/towel trading crew that comes in daily while you are out enjoying the sites.

These cabins are beautiful. The amenities are perfect for an extended weekend or a small wedding.

7/4/2014 - Suzanne Bastien - Sleeping Camper

(Photo taken by: Suzanne Bastien)

* Mudroom at the entrance to remove shoes, coats, skis or pool noodles (we had a lot of these)
*Perfect sized kitchen. Full fridge, oven and stove, microwave, coffee maker and a large window for afternoon breezes.
*Two bedrooms. 
        1) Master bedroom with window seat and ensuite bathroom (stand alone shower, no tub)
        2) Two twin beds with window seat - bathroom in the hallway next to the bedroom
* Pull out sofa that sleeps a 6 and 7 year old little girl PERFECT!
* Television/cable
* Dining room table that seats 6 with large windows that offer a wonderful morning breeze.
* Sliding back door that leads to a lovely porch, picnic table and charcoal grill.

We were blessed enough to be directly in front of the steps that lead down to the roaring Elk River and wedding area. My kids spend two evenings throwing rocks in the river, getting their feet wet and being dirty little summer kids.

Elk River- Suzanne Bastien Photo - July 4, 2014
Elk River - July 4, 2014
                                                            (Photo taken by: Suzanne Bastien)

On site are two hot tubs and a pool. We spent every afternoon here cooling off and playing around. Most of the time we were the only ones in the pool and had loved the centralized location. There is also a restaurant on site in case you don't want to cook or need a date night with your spouse while visiting.

It's what summer is made of right?

The memories of this July 4th vacation won't be something I forget for my lifetime, I can't thank Glen Eden Resorts enough for the opportunity to travel with my blended family and visit such a relaxing place.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Ski season is sneaking up! Check out Mountain Resorts

This past July 4th my family and I spent four days in Steamboat Springs. It was an amazing time where we walked by the river, swam in the hot springs and enjoyed the small town feel of this beautiful mountain getaway. Now, it’s time to start thinking about ski season (ignore the 90+ degree temps for next week).

Mountain Resorts offers a wide variety of attractive, well-maintained accommodations at prime locations in Steamboat Springs, Colorado surrounding the Steamboat Ski Area, with rates ranging from affordable to indulgent. If you're planning a winter vacation to Steamboat Springs there is no better time to book your trip. When you book early you have access to the best properties at the greatest discounts. Check out these early booking deals. Up to 35% off lodging and 25% off lift tickets!

For more information and reservations call 800-995-6049 or visit us online at

Book early and get some great deals to surprise your family with this coming ski/snowboard season! Make sure you stop by the local shops and help support LOCAL Steamboat!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Half a lifetime ago

Dear Me…

    Right now I am double your age. I have taken baby steps into my 40’s and you are doing the same into your 20’s. Two kids and one on the way it’s looking like a very busy life is coming up.

My advice…


I promise you it is an interesting life that lies ahead and worth every single step, even the ones on broken cobblestone. You will move back and forth to Texas and Colorado, spend a year in Austin, meet some amazing people and end up putting down roots in Colorado. It is truly where your soul belongs, I promise.
You will not stop your adventures. Start your bucket list now… it’s going to get done. (No, you haven’t backpacked through Europe yet, but that is still an option). You will travel, you will still get butterflies when you see the mountains and from your back porch, you see them often.

Your black thumb starts to turn green…. I’ve eaten some delightful tomatoes that you have grown. So have the bunnies.

I am not going to tell you how many kids you have, you won’t believe me. I am not going to tell you about the man you meet that is finally exactly what you wanted. You didn’t settle, he’s coming… just like you thought he was.

I will tell you that you will lose a sibling, that loss right there will change you and your family in ways that no one will speak aloud.  You will learn to adapt your stubborn head and alter your selfish nature. You will learn to love each child in a different way and when you are done having kids, you will know it.

Enjoy the time. When you are double your age you’ll look back and say, “It was a fun ride and it only gets better from here.”

Love you.

Monday, July 14, 2014

A broken phone

I had his number in my phone even though we hadn't spoken in two years. I texted him a few times over those two years: A Happy Birthday, a catching up, a note to see how Mom and Dad were when I couldn't get a hold of them. I never got  a response from that number though.

My brother and I weren't speaking for two years before he passed away, however I don't regret that. It was the way of the relationship he and I had, it is what it is and neither of us were willing to change in the end.

When he died, I sent a message to that number and got his widow, she texted me back details that I needed. But that number stayed in my phone. He had been gone a year and I refused to delete his number, not because I thought he could answer if I called, but because I didn't have the heart to get rid of the connection I had with him.

This past month I dropped my phone and shattered the screen. I lost all the numbers in my phone because of it. Two of them belong to people that passed away and I never deleted their numbers, I suppose it's a forced way to clean my emotional house.

It was a hard realization when I looked in my phone and didn't see his name. He was my brother for 38 years, he's been gone for over one. I have three beautiful nieces that need me to focus on the future and being there for them during their next 38 years... sometimes life has a way of forcing us to let go of the past and accept loss in all forms.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Gwynnie Bee Lowdown

When I first saw all the ads of Gwynnie Bee I was skeptical. How silly was it to send people clothing and have them send it back when they are done or bored with the style. Then I looked at my schedule with kids sports, my work, time with my husband and friends as well as the lack of desire to try on clothes in a boutique. I am the person this was made for.

I don't have time to drive to a mall, find a designer shop that has clothing in my size, try them ALL on and then convince myself to purchase something I might never wear again. I also work in a mechanic shop so when I look at what I want to wear to work, most of the clothes in those stores aren't very "relaxed". At Gwynnie Bee they are: Cardigans, dresses, skirts, shirts.... they have a style for everyone.

So, you log on and subscribe to Gwynnie Bee, you have full access to their collection. These aren't small time stores, it's things like: AX Paris, Cullen, DNKY, Eight Sixty, Lily White and about sixty other brands. It feels like they have new arrivals every few days and you get an email (almost like a new gift at Christmas) telling you new styles are awaiting for you to peek at.

They will ship out your items along with blue postage-paid shipping bags to return the clothing immediately or after your wore it for two weeks or when it's good and dirty! No reason to wash the clothes, wear and return. It's saving you laundry! Then you click on a link saying, "Return item"  and they immediately work on shipping your next item. Easy Peasy, right?

I have had MANY outfits that I tried on, hated the moment I saw them on my body and thrown them back into the bag so they can get returned. The mailman at my work laughs because there is a blue bag waiting for him once a week of items to return.

Now, here are a few tips I've found after being with them for 2 months:

*You will NOT get the clothing in any order, nor do you get to choose what they send you. This is was my first lesson with GB and I almost cancelled due to it. I was going on stage in a month and needed a dress, I never got it, I wrote them and was upset because I had hoped to wear it for the engagement. It is a lesson learned, remember, you won't get what you want, so just pick at your leisure and enjoy the ride.

*Read the reviews, they will tell you if you need to go up a size or down a size, or even if you want to bother with an outfit due to it's weird fit.

*If you like it, buy it. Seriously, it's like 60% off to buy it on the Gwynnie Bee site and you don't have to wait for them to be delivered, they are already in your hands (or on your body, like mine were when I bought them).

*Write reviews to help other. Make sure you put in your height, what size you normally wear and what size you got so people can get an idea on how it'll fit on them.

Now What? Go sign up and get your first month free!! Yes, FREE! I am attaching my Referral Code to this post, if you do use my referral code, it gets me an extra item of clothing for a month, free. I like free. :)
Enjoy the freedom of shopping without the commitment!

(This is NOT a sponsored post. But all the links to GB are with my referral code)