Thursday, October 16, 2008

He Said- Part 4

I woke up the next morning and replayed the previous night in my head.
Over and over it went, the date was perfect. Everything about it was exactly how it should have been and other than the restaurant choice, nothing was scripted.

I could still see her smile and the way she played with her hair. I remembered how my jacket's leather collar brushed up against the nape of her neck in the moonlight.

I could not get her out of my mind. Is it too soon to call? How soon before you wait to ask for another date? All of these petty rules we guys have established over the ages, buried in our genetic material. She was destroying all of them, to the point where I was becoming possessed. It took all of 6 hours before the barrage of text messages started. I was asleep for 4 of those 6 hours, not showing much will power there.

I had decided at dinner that a second and third date was appropriate and then a re-evaluation period would need to happen. I had to change cell phone plans due to all of the texting and, of course, we continued to talk every night.

I found myself needing to talk to her about nothing in particular, I just needed to hear her voice and envision that smile.

By the time the second date arrived, I was hooked. I followed the play book and finally allowed myself to look at the rest of her, besides the face. Of course, I skipped a few steps for efficiency, but what I discovered was that she was an amazing woman.

I began analyzing everything, looking for a problem. Men are so stupid, instead of looking and admiring, I was admiring and searching for a problem. I needed to find an escape route.

After the third date, the escape route was shelved and I had to turn off the brain. I was gong to kill this thing before it even got started. She is so different than myself and so much different than the cookie cutter girls I have dated in the past. I found myself telling friends and family about her and of course always wanting to be near her. Schedules are the problem there, once I got the brain out of the way, things went smashingly. She is exactly what I needed right now.


Lisa~Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

HOLY COW HE WROTE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You go girl!!!!!!!!!!

D-Ann said...

I'm on edge to find out what you said...