Tuesday, October 14, 2008

He said- Part 2

Friday finally arrived and I was getting nervous.

This never happens, I feel pretty comfortable meeting people but she was so different. She wanted to go to this Moroccan joint. Apparently sit on the floor and eat with your hands. So far out of character for me but I tossed caution to the wind just to see how this would play out.

I had figured this thing would go well as long as the final test was passed. I was still skeptical as I still had only seen a few pictures and hell this is the age of Photoshop and the internet. She climbed out of her car and I knew I was in.

She was wonderful, I had to hide the pitchforks and torches as I was prepared for an ogre, I am always the boy scout.

Her smile was all I saw and then we stared stunned at each other and once the awkwardness got too much all I could muster was “Get in the truck”.

The ride to dinner was nice. It took all of 5 minutes for her to relax and it took all of 7 minutes for me to get hit for the first time, jeez she hits kinda hard. I was a little shocked by that action, usually it takes several dates before a woman hits me.

Dinner was wonderful, I was completely out of my element and she looked stunning. To this day all I can tell you is that was wearing a grey shirt.

The smiles and laughs came easy and we began to sink deeper and deeper into the pillows. Once the meal was over...

I was not ready for this night to end.

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