Thursday, October 16, 2008

He said- She said

Hello all.

Margelina is on TOP of it today :)

My guy knows about my blogging, I am not sure if he reads it, but I have told him about my passion with it.

Apparently he'd been keeping a journal of his own, a passing of our time together and sent this to me. It seemed only right, to put up his side of the story.

D and I have been talking for over a month now, and tomorrow it will have been three weeks since our first date. We can only see one another twice a week (Wednesdays and Fridays), however this week it is Thursday and Friday. (Two days in a row before he leaves on vacation).

So, I've added additional blogs..... the He Said, She Said versions.... I hope ya'll enjoy it, it's been a ton of fun recollecting!

She Said- Part 1

He Said- Part 1

She Said- Part 2
He Said- Part 2

She Said- Part 3
He Said- Part 3

She Said- Part 4
He Said- Part 4

He Said- Solo
She Said- Solo

She Said- Part 5
He Said- Part 5

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margelina said...

This is like a novel I can't put down! Thank you both for sharing this. I'm incredibly happy for you both. Have a fantastic evening!!