Tuesday, October 1, 2013

31 Days- Wasting Time on Google

You ever get so sucked into something that someone links on Facebook?

A cool map? A story or even those Pinterest charts?

I have AMAZING intentions and then somehow I have wasted 30 minutes reading an article or a funny story. 

So I decided to start a series on it. 31 Days of Wasting time on Google (AKA: Google Time Suck). Most of the sites that I got these links from have AMAZING things on them. Check out the whole site, bookmark it, I know I did on most of them!

Day three: Childbirth vs Man jewels

Day four: New Punctuation? Interrobang

Day five:  Nap time

Day six:  How to make a picnic basket

Day seven: Schools bus upcycle

Day eight: More ways to waste time

Day nine: Stats on wasting time at work

Day ten: Wordle

Day eleven: Fun Facts

Day twelve: Flickr

Day thirteen: Wealth Inequality in America

Day fourteen: A weeks worth of groceries from around the world.

Day fifteen: Right brained or Left Brained

Day sixteen:

(Check back here for daily updates on this series)

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