Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tie the Knot Thursday - 3/3/2011 - Etsy Wedding Candy Love

Love is so sweet…. So is candy.

So why can’t you mix love, candy and a party. Yea… I plan on it! Get ready for a sweet wedding party on my behalf… here are some totally cute ideas I found this week on Etsy.

(Make sure you click on the photos to see the Etsy site of these amazing creators, they have so much to offer and are all handmade. Who doesn’t love the originality of handmade?)

In case you miss the candy bar, here is a sign… literally... a sign that says, “Come get your sweets, your treats, your mouth hugs” …. Well, not in so many words but you get the drift.

This would be a really cute way to decorate the candy table! It’s better than flowers and she’ll find a way to get it to match your wedding design. I LOVE this idea….

I’d love to have this on the table to let everyone know what is laid out before them. So if they have allergies (like peanuts, egg whites, etc) they don’t get into the delicacies.

Ice cream cones without the mess of ice cream. My daughters would love to eat these and I like the idea I won’t be worried about their beautiful dresses during the reception. Yes… my Type A personality would be worrying about their dresses… it’s what I do.

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Elena said...

I like the second pic idea! I am not married and your idea is just perfect for me. Thanks!