Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tie the Knot Thursday - 3/24 (White Weddings)

There is something about a white wedding that is classic, elegant and beautiful. Not saying that the bright colors aren't those things, but a white wedding, with white gloves and veil is iconic in the wedding world. That being said, I'm not a white wedding kind of girl, but these items should find themselves in my wedding none the less.

(Remember to click on the photos to be taken to the Etsy creators who made these amazing items!)

Fruit is sweet, full of life and a reminder that, like kiwi, it's always what's on the inside that counts. So these love pears are adorable! They are full of LOVE and made by hand. What a beautiful center table setting, betcha I could get my cake made out of pears and tie the whole thing together.

I love butterflies and when I was first planning this wedding that was the theme, bright red and sparkling butterflies. I've since moved away from the idea but once I saw these I thought they'd be perfect on the cake. Yes, they are wine glass butterflies but.. they WANT to hang out on my cake, trust me!

I love this necklace. I want it to wear after the wedding and pass it on to my daughters when they marry. I also love the artists words "The scratches are intentional, What heart do you know without scratches?"

No.. I was not one to dream about my wedding as a little girl. Yes, I did pretend to be a bride when I found a bit of tulle lying around. So when I felt this funny twinge today looking at veils I realized it. I want a veil. Not a modesty veil over my face, but something in my hair, something beautiful and... bride-like. After a while of looking I think I finally found it. Kinda pretty right?

I am not sure if I can even write after seeing the back to this dress. See it?... That is SOOO what I'm looking for in a back, I think I'm in love. AND it's eco-friendly. *faints*

I'll be back next week with more Etsy Wedding treasures...

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