Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tie the Knot Thursday - 3/17

S'mores, a tent with a firefly lighting the way and the smell of wood burning in a warm circle of rocks reminds me of my childhood at summer camp, my first time camping alone as a rebellious and strong female (albeit a tad foolish) and now, the way it smells in our backyard when Dave and I start up the fire on a cool spring night.

(Remember to click on the photos to be taken to the Etsy creators who made these amazing items!)

 What if I had moss, some small flowers and a Hurricane lantern on the center of the tables instead of large arrangements of flowers that no one can see over. I want my guests to see one another in the candle light of a flickering flame.. there is something romantic, welcoming and even better candle light hides ALL your flaws.

How cute is this for my little summertime girls to wear with their dresses! My little toddlers are prissy tomboys which I LOVE. They will play in mud puddles in their dresses and honestly... dirt cleans off. All my kids know how to pitch a tent, get dirty and come home to enjoy a good warm shower. Enjoy the little things (like dirt and worms)....Wearing a dress and picking up sticks.. as long as you don't hit your brother with them, it's alright by me!

I am in love, move over Dave... this soap might take your place. Allow me to give you a tidbit of their description: "2 slices of 'life on marshmallows' handmade soap, scented with the delicious aroma of sweet, sticky campfire smores, and a trail of activated charcoal.". My darling friends... for my wedding gift, I'll be forever indebted to you if you give me ONE slice of life that smells like this for my shower. Oh My Gosh... I'm in love!

This is what love is all about, wrapped up in a cake topper. If you can camp with the wo/man you love, you can conquer almost anything!!

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