Thursday, March 17, 2011

The aftermath of infidelity - Review Post

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We all have visceral response to at least one of these words. Why, because we can relate to at least one of the things above and have had our lives touched by the others.

We all have heard it; you get married, have a house, a kid and settle into some type of life, even if it’s not the one you always dreamed of, it’s there. Every relationship has its issues, the 7 year itch, the same old, same old, like hamburger helper every night or the same TV shows after work. Some people leave the relationship because the “meal has gotten cold” and some people don’t, but they have dessert elsewhere.

Dave and I we’ve both seen this in one or more of our relationships. The aftermath of infidelity is divorce, guilt, anger, resentment, finger pointing and silence. Then starts the reentry into the dating world, new people, experiences and finally, someone you want to settle into another relationship with.

No one teaches us these things, no one says… “Hey, when you get married be sure you get your ducks in a row before going to change your last name or you will cuss out a poor DMV clerk and walk out crying.” or “Remember to change things up once a month in your marriage to keep him/her on their toes.” Or “When your spouse of 12 years cheats on you with someone else, make sure you get tested for STDs before dating again.”

That last one is important, not just for you but for the person you have chosen to be with, it’s a peace of mind to rule out the plethora of diseases that can pop up through out our life.

Thankfully neither Dave nor I had unpleasantness that passed on to the other person, but we did discuss STD screening. We’d both been tested prior meeting one another so our relationship could flourish without concerns about our past.

I am participating in the Let’s Talk about STDs Campaign for I received compensation to facilitate this post. However, the views and opinions are my own.

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