Tuesday, March 23, 2010

She Said - A year later (Part 1)

Let me give a quick rundown of the past: Dave and I were both divorced parents. We had no intention of meeting anyone that would sweep us off our feet. Just someone to pass the time and share some laughs with, we were ready to parent alone and date around until life got in the way.

I met him on my first venture into online dating after over a year hiatus. He swooped in with a silver tongue and the rest was already told over a year ago. We had our children during the week days; however had two days off to date, Wednesdays and Fridays. We spent those days and nights together, until finally introducing children came into the picture. The zoo and dinners were the baby steps we took to make introductions with fairly good success.

My parents came into town in November and I had the pleasure of introducing the three of them over dinner. In December he came to my home and shared Yule and Christmas with my friends and family. New Years brought us together again with friends and our “first” New Years memories. I met his beautiful family in early 2009 and fell in love with the two of them, knowing they were the type of people you can love like you have been part of them forever.

We had put our relationship on hold for a few months, knowing we were enjoying the easy way we fell in love and the easy way we felt with one another. We knew that we would have to have “the talk”… we were in our mid 30’s and didn’t want to waste either person’s time. February 22nd was the date we set aside to talk. We would have a date, settle in and find out if we wanted to continue dating.

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