Saturday, November 29, 2008

The meeting of Mom and Dad

My parents came into town for Thanksgiving. It was so wonderful!
We had dinner at Brad's parent's house, ate a ton of food and brought home a lot of leftovers.

Then, my parents and I went to the museum with a few of the kids on Friday and skipped the Black Friday crowds. We had a really good time, however... mental note.. next time I will actually REMEMBER the stroller... ~sighs~

Denver Art Musuem... It is really THAT cool!

Dave and I met my parents at the Brown Palace Hotel, where they stayed this trip, for the annual lighting of the lights inside the hotel. This place is exquisite! I love the energy and the gathering of people was wonderful. I think this will be a tradition I might keep with Dave every year! I hope he isn't opposed.

Then we headed out to dinner at the Melting Pot. I was nervous, probably not as nervous as he was, but I hadn't introduced someone to my parents in many years. Dinner was amazing. I haven't laughed with my parents like that, in a really long time. In fact, I'm hard pressed to remember when it was.

We drank...
We ate...

and we talked for two hours!

Dave was an absolute delight, he joked with my parents, told my mother she was adorable (which she is) and only burned his fingers once. No one snorted alcohol out their nose and we all stepped outside to the greatest gift I could have ever asked for... snow... Not enough to make my parents trip home rough, but enough to warm my heart and make me act like a little girl again.
Just add another thing to my list that I'm thankful for! If the holidays are going to be like this with him, then I'm in... totally and utterly in!

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margelina said...

That sounds like an amazing day! Love the pics of the snow...and the yummy food! Noticed the subtle hint of long term with Dave...very awesome!
That art museum looks fab!