Saturday, December 20, 2008

Yule Party Update

Status report: 3:59pm, Saturday December 20, 2008

Mental note for next year.

*Find mixer BEFORE making Grasshopper Pie, whisking heavy whipping cream until you can fold it into the mixture HURTS the poor arm!
*Clean a few days beforehand.
*Get manicure beforehand
*Get waxed beforehand
*(Trying to do the aforementioned things the day of the party only adds a tad of stress)

Oh, and should you ever date again... let the guy come over BEFORE the party. Do not let Yule be the party you have him come over for the first time. Tends to FREAK YOU OUT! Though.. can't wait to see him and little guy, should be a lot of fun!!

However.. I must say.. I'm going to be wearing this Converse One Star dress I got, I love it... black wrap around.. totally chic.

Ok.. Ok.. I'm procrastinated enough... time to curl the hair, wrap some Yule gifts and paint a few of the nails I messed up. Details soon!!

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