Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Potty Caddy- Review

Potty Training occurred a LONG time ago in my home.

Then, came along my little ones, I was at a loss. How do I potty train? What do I need?

So I got these…

Boon Potty Bench

(I'm an addict with all Boon products.)

I got some potty books

And then..

I got the Potty Caddy

Although the Boon potty bench already has a place for toilet paper The Potty Caddy has an easily accessible section for

*toilet paper

*kid type magazines

*a book for us parents to read when we are sitting in the bathroom... waiting... for hours...

I think this book is a wonderful way to introduce boys and girls into potty training. The booklet for parents is funny and has some great tips, even for parents who've done this a few times. It is also useful for both genders.

There are targets in there, and no matter what, Those are still really cool for girls! They get darker in liquid and are exciting for the little ones to see the change. And the magazines are pretty cool so they can be like Mommy and Daddy while waiting around for the end result.

It is also great for daycare and visits to Grandma's! It has a handle on it so your little one can take it with them. I like that I can fold up the "reward chart" and put it back in the box for her to take to the babysitters, and then to her daddy's house! That way she has the consistency that is needed for potty training.

This would make a GREAT gift for any parent who's child is getting up to that point in the next year. Help out a poor stressed parent and the potty training fight!


Miranda said...

I love the great ideas for potty training. I love the idea of the potty caddy. We're getting ready to potty train and I'm not actually looking forward to it. Great post, thanks for sharing.

Miranda said...

oh, and I have an award for you on my blog. Darn mommy brain! lol