Saturday, November 8, 2008

Meeting the friends

Last night I got to meet another group of his friends.

He has them set up into categories, His baseball friends and his college friends.
It must be a guy thing, something I am positive I will NOT understand!

They were amazing people.

Two couples who were obviously very happy to be out. All of them very busy and it was an honor that they were willing to halt their lives for those two hours and spend them meeting me and enjoying one another's company. I could not have asked for a better meeting of his friends.

Was I a nervous wreck? ... Of course!
Did I drink a lot? .. I did a pretty good amount of drinking.

Did I snort my drink out of my nose, one that consisted mainly of alcohol, and singe my nose hairs for the next month?   NO!!! I escaped that like a trooper... However Dave... Yes, Dave, the ever controlled man of mine snorted his drink, all over the 5 of us, and there ensued a lot of laughter and constant harassing. It was awesome. I am pretty sure he is still feeling the effects of that for a while.

Dinner was great. I love bison, and Ted's Montana Grill was a good choice. I had some bison rib eye (amazing bit of meat), mashed potatoes, a little bit of green beans and a piece of key lime pie to go.

The key lime pie went uneaten... needless to say, we made it home in one piece, but never made it back downstairs to eat... at least it made it to the fridge.

So... what did I learn throughout the night?

*Dave will apologize forever to Larry and Val's friends for some past indiscretions when his mouth was a little too socially lubricated.

*Larry can make Dave laugh with just a look, and at that point we should all wear umbrellas.

*Val has the energy and she spirit of gold... she is what I call salt of the earth.

*Brian studies everyone. He is an analytical guy, and you can constantly see his wheels turning.

*Kenna is such a strong person, with a wonderful sense of humor.

*Dave should play baseball, as much as it kills me to see him in pain, he loves it, it's obvious. It is almost like his heart breaks when he talks about quitting. I hate to see him like that, I'll massage that arm every week if I have to, just to see him do what is in his soul to do.

So.. it was a great night.

This can only get better!


margelina said...

Sounds like an awesomely fun night!!! Love your take on his friends!!!

Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

I am so stoked about you two! :) I can't wait to hear more :) :)