Saturday, November 29, 2008

Blue Nile makes things easier!

It's shown in commercials all the time, Romantic fire and a Christmas tree decorated perfectly. The scents of pine and cinnamon mixed together and a cup of hot cocoa with a peppermint stick. He pulls out the box.. and honestly, do they really care what color the box is... ?.. Not a chance.. it's all about what is inside the box.

The ring, the item you are going to be wearing.. forever. It's the classic fairy tale, however.. lets turn the focus away from us, and onto our poor guy...

Fast forward six months.... And him, wandering the stores trying to figure out what your ring size is, what type of metal you like... what are these three C's they talk about and how in the heck is he going to figure out if you want a classic, vintage or multiple stones on a ring? He will ask our friends for tips and advice from our sisters...

Blue Nile has come to the rescue here.....

Blue Nile allows you to:

Build your own Ring

Step one: Choose your diamond. Shape, Cost, Carat, Cut, Color and Clarity and then pick which one you want from a list.

Step Two: Choose your setting. Classic, Vintage, Color, Sidestone/ Choose your metal/ Choose your cost for the whole setting.

Step Three: Choose the ring, and the order is done!

Pretty awesome huh?

They can usually send the order out within the week, so now is the time for ya'll to get your Wish List up.

Because honestly, even if you are already married, and/or not ready to get engaged, what girl doesn't need a full set of all types of jewelry? Pearls, Diamond, and Gemstone (Birthstone).

You can even make your own diamond jewelry so that there is no guessing involved.

Now, for us ladies... they carry gifts for men as well.

Cuff links, Money clips, Citizen watches, and Valet key rings. Diamonds aren't just for girls after all!

So... what does your DREAM ring look like? What is your favorite set of jewelry you would love to receive?
This one is mine... isn't she pretty?


margelina said...

Awesome site...gorgeous ring!! I really want a new wedding band...platinum with inset diamonds...not too flashy. Someday...sigh.

Kelsie said...

Awesome ring..! Blue Nile allows us to customize our own ring.