Friday, July 25, 2008

One of my favorite Blog Events!

This past month I’ve been planning…
…………….Getting more and more excited as the time passes.

End of July:

Bloggy Giveaway!

I LOVE these giveaways.


*I have met some of the coolest people from reading their posts or finding their blog. (Nydia is one of them, a wonderful Brazilian pagan mother who has a soul that is pure and genuine as the salt of the earth. If you read any of her posts you will feel the energy she gives off!)

*I like to dream! That is a lot of dreams.

*My friends know that during this week, I don’t leave my house except to work. (And I enter contests at work!) With over 900 entries three months ago, it’s a time consuming time!

*This time, I’m giving something away. I’ve been holding onto this for three months now… waiting, anticipating… I’m anxious to give it to someone who could use it!

I really hope to find some new people to add to my “Blogs I visit every day” list. (I slacked off for two days this week, and I felt bad, I read through everyone last night, though I mainly lurked. I think I’m addicted!)

On Sunday I’ll write my post for the Bloggy Giveaway and get ready to enter as many as I can!!!

I also would love for you all to remember Joanna’s Giveaway as well. This is going on at the same time as the large Bloggy Giveaway.

She has worked so hard getting sponsors and will be having her first real Giveaway! Please join her and go check out her company. So cute and some of the greatest things!

Between her and Trisha … I am pretty sure I can open this company of my own and start somewhere! Great inspirations!


Joanna said...

Thanks for the shout out about the party. I have all the posts drafted out and ready to go! Don't forget door prize on Sunday! : )

val said...

oh, I think I'll give this a spin. I just gave away an apron but I can make something else.....amigurumi perhaps?

Nydia said...

Thank you so much for your sweet words,what a wonderful surprise! It's really great to meet new people that I hope will stay long in my life,non-virtually speaking!:)
This timeI won't be joining the giveaway, so much going on around here and money is tight. But next time I surely will!
Kisses and bright blessings!