Friday, July 25, 2008

Wii are busted!!


Yes… somehow my oldest daughter can read.
I know… she’s 16, you would think I knew that by now.

But somehow my daughter reads my blog. (I think it’s just because she likes the pictures)

Yes, she read that Wii are all dreamers blog post, and called me here at work.

“YOU WON THE Wii???”

I’ve been caught, busted, found out…. Ratted out by my lovely blog.

Next time, I’m gonna lie!


Brittany said...

Wiiii! :) Ok... so I bought one yesterday. Seriously. I was walking through Toys R Us, with my boys... and I see a sign "We have Wiis!" and I thought to myself "NO way!" So, I went over and asked one of the nice worker boys, if that sign was full of crap, or if it was real. And he said "yes, Ma'm we have about 3 left!" And after I got over him calling me Ma'm I said, "Well, get me one NOW!" So... $266.00 later (stupid taxes) I have myself a Wii... and I am already ADDICTED!!!!!

Joanna said...

Too funny...You'll have to fight over it now! ; )

karababy said...

Well Mommy ;) Now you know I read it frequently. Now put up what you're getting me for my birthday && I promise I wont read it ;).