Friday, July 25, 2008

My Thank you!

I love to come home every day, and then there are days when coming home is exciting! I call the mailbox “Santa’s bag” Because I get tons of things in there that really make me happy!

Here is what I had in my mail and in a box on my couch when I got home!

I love Boon. When I first started blogging I fell in love with their products and really wanted to own some of them for my little ones!

Not too long ago I won the full set from Dolly, I was so excited and seeing it in use it’s awesome! Thanks a ton to Traveling with Baby for the giveaway!

Then, I got this apron from Valerie at Yarnigras .

Such a really cute item! My daughter Faith is modeling it, it’s reversible. I can’t believe how wonderful it was to cook dinner last night (We had Breakfast for dinner, so I was messy), and have something to wipe my hands on! It’s my first apron, so I’m feeling all domesticated in it!

Thanks a ton Valerie! It will get lots of use!


val said...

I;m so glad you like it! Who knows you might get hooked on them like I am!

Anonymous said...

glad your gals are loving the squirt. isn't it fun?!

Michelle said...

it's so fun to win stuff and find neat things in your mailbox :)

Danielle said...

I love BOON too! Great apron- very cute!