Saturday, July 5, 2008

Crunchy Thursday (A tad off)

I started this section because I believe strongly in coming up with a way to help prevent more trash going into the environment. I don't just mean physical, I mean in the form of toxins and air pollution as well.

If we can all do our part in the conservation of our planet, don't you think that our kids will carry on that tradition as well? It can only get better.

One of the ways I started was this weekend. Kyle from Lets Go Green was generous enough to offer me a wonderful "Picnic Sampler" to try out and let him know what I think.

I can't tell you how excited I was when it arrived on July 3rd, this was my opportunity to try out some new products on my friends. One of my friends is 37 weeks pregnant with her first child, and I know that she is looking around wanting to leave behind the best for her little man.

What do we all want in picnic gear?

Sturdiness, reusability and convenient.

This had all of it.

The plates are incredibly sturdy, and when you upgrade to the 10 inch, 3 compartment plates it makes everyone happy. You don't have to worry about people using more than one plate to make it sturdy enough for three brauts, watermelon, salsa and cookies/brownies. Trust me, it was enough for the big boys to eat like big boys!

In the pack comes 50 forks, knives and spoons made from a renewable source - our compostable utensils are the first choice for replacing plastic.

The plates are made from Sugarcane fibers. They are 100% Biodegradable so that we can enjoy many more parties with our kids/grandkids!

This is a GREAT pack that can be used all year round, and trust me, we plan on it. With a family of 8, the last thing I want is the heat of the dishwasher when I can easily use these plates with so much less conflict that I had before!

Please make sure to check out Lets Go Green! It's worth the time, and purchasing it is a quick and simple process. It's only $20.00 for the 50 piece set, everything is biodegradable. Consider this next time you are at the store staring at the styrofoam!

Please don't forget to enter my GIVEAWAY for a Picnic sampler from Lets Go Green. It ends on Tuesday, July 8.


Liz Casstro said...

Thanks for the comments! And thanks for the tips. BTW-my sister is crazy strange about her food touching and loves those 3 compartment plates... she even talks about them on her blog! Thanks again.

nancy said...

Seriously. What is it with you and picnics??? ~wink~

Lorie said...

Those are really nice.