Saturday, July 5, 2008

July 4th with friends!

I love to celebrate.

I dont' care what it is, It could be Gum chewing day, and if I can find a way to fit it into my schedule, I will throw a party!

Yesterday was July 4th, and we had a WONDERFUL gathering with a few friends, some handmade brauts and a ton of salsa.

We all feasted, and then everyone went their own ways to watch the fireworks, give kids baths, and watch a whole ton of "Dirty Jobs"... It was on for like 4 hours, I couldn't help it!

I hope everyone ate, had wonderful people to converse with and enjoyed the day!

There's nothing like a party, the day after you just feel uplifted!

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The Little Window Shoppe said...

I LOVE parties too! So much fun, and I agree with you in that I look for any excuse I can find to have one too. :)