Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Mr. G and my birthday

I got the call at 3:30 this morning.

My best friend was heading to the hospital to get checked out to have her baby!

I got a call again at 5am, she was having contractions, and her mom and sister were at the hospital with she and Dan.

She could have her little man today! I really hope so, I would love for Mr. G to be born on my birthday, he would be 35 years younger than me, and one day short of six months younger than LaLa.

I am going to do a few blogs, and then head out to the hospital to help her and her man along!

I'll keep everyone posted!


to share said...
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Polina said...

Happy Birthday to you! Let everything be just fine with your friend and her Baby.

I have my BD in a week and my sister is going to have her baby around that date - I somehow feel that everything will happen exactly on my Birthday:)

Michelle said...

Happy 35th birthday to you (sorry I'm a day late!) Hope it was wonderful!

So did your friend have her baby yesterday? How exciting! My best friend gave birth to her first child on my birthday 12 years ago :)