Monday, June 8, 2015

Jawbone UP24 Fitness Band Review

My husband is a nut. I don’t mean a health nut or a fitness nut, but he is a nut when it comes to weight loss about twice a year. He gets something in his head and needs to lose a lot of weight before an event. So when I got the Jawbone UP24 fitness band from AT&T it was right up his alley. #1 because he was on one of this weight loss events and #2 I was about to go in for surgery and wasn’t going to be allowed to work out for two months.

The things we loved about the Jawbone:
  •         My very manly husband that works in the construction field had no issue wearing this on his wrist. It didn’t get in the way, it didn’t look like a girly weight loss product and it did everything he needed with very little issue.
  •         It fit around his wrist so he could wear it all day and all night without feeling tied down to the product.
  •      It tracked his sleep, so we could see if he was getting enough and how to help him during those times of low REM.
  •      It showed his activity, so he could see how often he needed to get up from his desk and/or if he needed to do more at night after dinner.

Things we didn’t particularly like:
  •  It did not fit around my wrist comfortably. I am not sure if that was because of the surgery or perhaps I was bloated from lack of fluids, however I wasn’t comfortable in it.
  •  I am a forgetful lout and wash everything I love. Even electronics (hence my last phone) so I would wash this if given half the chance. This is not the manufactures fault, it’s my own issues.

I have personally used a lot of different types of fitness bands, pedometers, etc and this one does more than any of the other things I have tried. I like the sleep cycle charts and the vibrating reminders to get you up and moving when you are sitting for too long. As someone who works at a desk all day long, it’s good to have a reminder so I don’t end up stationary for too long.

The Jawbone UP24 can be found on AT&T for $120, with an $80 discount you can get it for $49 here.

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