Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Camping- Colorado Style- Blue Mesa Reservoir

We finally got our popup out of storage and ready to go. We put all the toys, dishes, food, etc back in the pop up and ready to go. I had booked us a site in a location I've never been.

I need to learn more about maps and geography. It was a 4 hour drive to our location and I was starting to feel like I'd made the wrong choice until we pulled up to our location.

Colorado, camping, Suzanne Bastien, Blue Mesa Reservior

 ( Blue Mesa Reservoir - Lake  Fork Campground - Space 20 )

This location was ideal. Unobstructed views of the Reservoir, boats coming in and out, restrooms were an easy walk away and the campground host was on the way. I couldn't have asked for a better location for us to be.

Colorado, camping, lake fork campground, suzanne bastien, crunchygreenmom
Blue Mesa Reservoir - Lake fork campground- view from space 20

This campground is located in between Gunnison and Montrose, it was an easy ride to either city however I preferred Montrose because of the beautiful rolling foothills that we saw. Colorado is under a lot of rain this spring so everything is green and flooded. Very good for those of us that love a campfire when we are out.

Colorado, camping, blue mesa reservoir, suzannebastien, lake fork campground, space 20
Blue Mesa Reservoir - Space 20-25 - Lake Ford Campground

I would not come here if I had my younger kids with me. They would want to do a lot of running around and over the front side of the space is a cliff that looks down to the boat ramp, fishing area. AMAZING for the views, not so fun for the kids to run around in.

Each space has a picnic table, a fire pit with a grate and a spot large enough for a camper and vehicle to be side by side. They also have pull through sites, boat trailer parking and tent only sites.

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