Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Colorado Camping- Weekend Campfire cooking menu

This past weekend we had a wonderful time camping. The weather wasn't very nice Friday night or Saturday morning, however my the afternoon I could use my grill and in the evening and Sunday morning we got to have a fire. So it was really nice for me to try out the new camping recipes I had been wanting to do.

Friday Dinner

cooking, camping, fire, chocolate cake, orange cake

Saturday Breakfast

camping, cooking, Pull apart sandwiches, Suzanne Bastien

Saturday Lunch

Colorado, camping, weekend menu

Saturday Dinner
Cream cheese stuffed peppers

Camping, Colorado, cooking over open flame, Suzanne Bastien

Sunday Breakfast
Breakfast Sandwich

Cooking, pancakes, open fire, apples, suzanne bastien

We did change up some of the recipes and will add a different twist to them over the next few camping trips! But I can saw we ate well, and planning is going to be easier as we move along. This next weekend we will have the 4 youngest kids with us and that will change how we eat and prep our foods in advance.

Camping, Cooking

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