Saturday, February 1, 2014

Teaching my Daughters - How to drive on slick roads - February 2014

We all learn different things at different times and for different reasons, so my parents not teaching me how to drive in the snow is NOT against them. I grew up in a beautiful, small part of the DFW metroplex in Texas, called Arlington. We didn't have ice and if we did, we sure as heck didn't drive in it! Who does that?

Fast forward 20-ish years and here I am, one of *those* people that drive in snow/ice, etc. I live in the breathtaking state of Colorado! We get a bit of ice and snow every year, surely more than Texas does. The way I learned how to drive in it was through A LOT of trial and error. Sliding, slipping, praying that we don't die.

After having 3 children that I have attempted to teach to drive, I have learned something about myself. I SUCK at teaching kids how to drive. Someone else needs to do it. My kids reallllllly dislike getting behind the wheel of a car with me, none the less me in the passenger seat badgering them. So.... My daughters will learn to drive by my loving husband, who taught my 19 year old son how to drive in the ice, and he does VERY well without me poking them to drive "my" way.

Hey.. I know my limitations. Need tips on how to teach your kid how to drive in the ice. Check it out here at Art Of Manliness!!

Illustration by: Ted Slampyak

(This meme was created by Suzanne Bastien (me), because I want my children to be taught everything they need to make it in this world. Even if they only use it once.)

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