Monday, February 3, 2014

How to enjoy the Winter Olympics 2014 with your kids

  My husband and I LOVE the Olympics. Thankfully it was something we both brought into the relationship and I didn't have to force him to watch. During the Olympics our TV is on from the time we get home to the time we go to bed. Normally, our TV only comes on during the weekends or while we are listening to music.

  I remember watching the Olympics with my Mom, especially with the ice skating portion. She loved the music and the stress that comes from cheering on the USA and hoping everyone lands on their skates and not their bum.

This time, I decided to start the tradition of loving the Olympics with my kids. I have printed off descriptions of what the Olympics are, coloring sheets, word finds and mazes.

Then I found a ton of other ideas from people who are way more creative than I am. My kids are going to LOVE the Olympics!

Olympics Craft Ideas - Crunchy Green Mom

1) What a fun game for the kids to play when there is downtime or they don't like the sport that is coming on? How about an Olympic Hoopla game (content from Multiple Mummy)

2) Olympics Bingo is a great way to teach the children about the world and what they will be seeing during the Olympics and keep them interested during the Opening Ceremonies.

3) For dinner, my family and I will be doing a "What would your flag look like if you were a country" pizza night. How fun would that be for them to create their own flags and eat them!

4) Make cute shirts for watching on Friday, February 7, 2014. Let the kids make them in advance! (Content from Kate's Creative Space)

Go do something fun and support the USA! Go Red, White and Blue!!!


Ratna said...

Fun!! Love it - I am looking forward to the olympics.

Dari said...

Very cute! I may just have to get creative with my kiddos too!