Friday, October 5, 2012

Snow Cometh

When I was 16 my Dad brought me to Colorado for a week long visit in Estes Park. We stayed in some cabins by the river, took afternoon naps to the rain showers, hiked part of Flat Top Mountain and watched “Great Balls of Fire” at the old time movie theatre off Main St. in Estes Park. I fell in love with Colorado that week and told my father I’d move there when I grew up.

I don’t think he believed me, I was a Texas girl at heart.

When I was 21 I moved to Colorado, I was a little anxious, not as happy as I thought I’d be, because I knew I’d miss my friends in Texas.

Then it snowed.

I ran down 3 flights of stairs to twirl and dance in the white flakes, kicking up the slush that I thought was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. I’ve never lost that love of the white stuff.

So this morning, when I dragged myself out of my warm bed next to my husband, I felt the chill of the 5am air and was less than impressed. While I was brushing my teeth I heard it. Tires of my neighbors driving on wet streets, peeking out the bedroom window I saw the blanket of white that covered my car, the grass and our poor tree that is always the last one on the street to lose her leaves (Despite Dave’s insistent warning to the large branches every year.)

Jacqueline and Little Suzanne were awoken to my kisses and hugs whispering, “Come look outside, it’s snowing, it’s snowing!” Suzanne jumped up first and stuck her little nose to the window, Jacqueline was harder to convince but her little sister was persistent and finally all of us were staring at the snow like it would come to life.

As I carried them to the car to go to the baby sitter’s house they were bright eyed and excited. Trying to catch the snow with their tongues and talking about me driving slow because the roads are slick. They talked about hot cocoa and turning on the fireplace when they were finally home from school.

I want them to always look at snow like this Texas girl does.

And wake their significant other up with kisses until they look at the snow with them. Share the excitement; it’s contagious, even at 6am.

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