Friday, October 5, 2012

The Big Top, Elephants and... Dragons?

Last week Dave and I walked into the newest Ringling Bros & Barnum and Bros. circus production with a twittering little kids at our feet.

"Are they real?"

"Will they breathe fire on us?"

 "I'm scared, can I sit next to you in case it flies by our heads?"

The three kids (4, 5 and 8 years old) were all curious about what to expect going into the DRAGONS all access show in Denver. The have been at the circus before and enjoyed walking through the animal areas and learning about the elephants and tigers. They have gone to the preshow and met the clowns and entertainers, tried on costumes. But they have NEVER seen a dragon in real life.

I won't spoil the show or tell you how many dragons they saw, but I can tell you they saw motorcycles on high wires, watched women hang from their hair, gained a new hero with a woman in the motorbike stunt and laughed at almost every clown in the arena.

So what am I telling you?

Go and get tickets for this weekend. The circus is on until October 7th at TicketMaster.

But first get the coupon for 4$ off a ticket at

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