Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Do you feel lucky.... Punk?

“You are lucky that you get to go to things with your kids like, Muffins for Mom, field trips, conferences, etc”

A co-worker said that to me yesterday and it keeps resonating in my head.

She’s right, I am lucky and I feel lucky that when something comes up, I can run out of work to be with my kids for special times like, festivals, schools spirit day, conferences, etc. I can take them on field trips, or walk them to school every day. It’s one of my favorite things to do, walk hand in hand with my preschooler with her chittering beside me as I drop my kindergartner with her teacher and get my little one into her own group of learning.

I get to spend many weekends with them running around town, keeping them safe and then curling up for a special movie night. I have photos of them from when they were born, laughing, playing, crying, swimming and being a kid.

I’m lucky because my job allows me to have both worlds that I want. Working outside of the home, insurance, retirement, my own time to do what I want to do…. And the other world of seeing the special things, picking them up from school and seeing their smiles, going swimming, doing homework and putting my job behind me.

My kids aren't sick or hurt; I’m not sad everyday because they are missing. I don’t worry about what we are going to do for dinner because our cupboards are bare. Christmas isn't extravagant, but it’s perfect for them. I am not taking for granted the blessings I have everyday. But I don’t always remember them.

So… thanks for reminding me that I’m lucky.

How about you? Do you remember how lucky you are?


Lavender Luz said...

What a beautiful post (and beautiful girls!). A nice reminder to count my blessings.

So yes. Now I remember how lucky I am.

Sugar said...

So, so, so lucky! As hard as it is to work from home with a toddler around, we make due and I am so blessed to be able to do the same things you mentioned. Thanks for making me think about it!

PS - Dave is NO LONGER your Fiancee.... (picture to the right :))

Cara said...

It is hard to always remember how lucky we are. Thank you for the reminder. I am going to make it a point to get some extra snuggles in tonight!

Susan said...

What a perfect post Suzanne. I completely agree. I am thankful everyday that I have a job that helps to provide for my family and allows me to be at school functions and there for my girls.

PS Your girls are too adorable!

Laura said...

I love this! We often get so busy that the regular grind of life gets lost in the shuffle. We are Lucky!!

Sarah @ Family. Food. Fiesta. said...

Yes: posts like this help to remind me how lucky I am. Fantastic family, home, job, security, and time for me + all the things I love to do. I definitely forget. I complain about my lack of time. I stress. I get angry. However, I also smile. I laugh. I spend time with my family. And when I remember to stay present and enjoy those fleeting moments of time....true happiness arises. Thanks for the reminder!