Friday, September 28, 2012

Happy Birthday baby...

I remember the first time I met you.

You were stepping out of this huge white truck. Wearing a white shirt, jeans, boots and a sarcastic/witty comment, (You are never without the witty comment, even when you are without clothes)

I remember the first time I kissed you.

I can’t describe this one. Partially because it just gives me a goofy grin and the other part is how it made me feel. It’s personal, it’s one of those memories that I keep close to my heart because it is a delicate memory that I cherish.

I remember the first time I stepped into your house.

It smelled like rice (you were cooking). It felt like it needed a woman’s touch and a bit less testosterone. I was cold… it needed two hearts to build it.

I remember the first time I saw you before a snow storm.

You filled the cart with enough food and necessities to take care of our family for a month. The storm lasted 2 days, you were adorable and a little frantic making sure all the kids were home and safe.

I remember the determined way your jaw set when we decided to introduce kids/move in together/get married.

It was like you were bracing for bad news or for things to change. They didn’t, we blended well, all of us.

I’ll never forget the kiss you gave me when we said, “I Do”.


Happy Birthday Dave.
My husband, My best friend

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