Thursday, May 3, 2012

Kinetics Youth Center

I worked in child care years ago; I worked with school age kids while my little ones were in infant programs. 

It was always the same.

*Playground (in the backyard on a hot asphalt blacktop)

You get the drift right? Yea… it wasn’t all that fun for the kids or for me. I had wanted something more for the kids to engage them, help them get some time outside and inside that was more stimulating.

So this past week I went to Parker, Co to check out this new place call Kinetics Youth Center  It’s a whole new concept for parents to encourage in their kids, Healthy eating habits, yoga, science, and fun competition.

They have a gym, and interactive gaming area, a Treadwall, and a very cool item called “The Patch” and creative spaces. Across the street they have a walking path, a skate park and tons of room for field trips.

I left my three youngest there while I went off to get some coffee off Main Street in Parker. I should have stayed longer and enjoyed some of the shops, had wine at The Vines and perhaps dinner at The Warhorse. My kids were not ready for me when I got back.

They had played soccer in the gym, did some crafts and got to practice balancing and core work on The Patch. This is what I want as a parent for my kids during the day. I don’t want them stuck inside of a stuffy storefront hyper when I pick them up because they have cabin fever. I want them to be exhausted and happy, full of stories of bug hunting and wading through the creek.

Here is their calendar for the Summer Camp program, check it out, it’s packed full of fun things to do.

It is very reasonably priced and for all the perks you get with it you can’t go wrong with having your kids enjoy their time at Kinetics Youth Center.

Go visit, they offer a wonderful tour and sometime for your kids to get a hands on experience. Then ask them what they think!

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