Tuesday, May 22, 2012

100 Years of Girl Scouts

            I think I was in 2nd grade when my mom took me to my first Girl Scout meeting. We wore brown, I had long black pigtails and some of the girls in my class were in the troop. It was in a classroom in a nearby church and we sang, did crafts and then talked about the upcoming camping trip.

            CAMPING? I love camping and then I got to hear about Steven’s Ranch, the biggest Girl Scout camp in South Texas. It is huge and full of things like bonfire’s, horses, tubing and everything in between.

I was hooked. I remained a Girl Scout until I was 16 years old. I became a CIT, Cadet/Counselor in Training.

In fact, I sing my daughters songs I learned at camp as lullabies. It’s a constant reminder that even in my late 30’s I still get the chance to share things with them that were special to me as a young girl growing up in Texas.

Girl Scouts is turning 100 years old. I remember looking at sepia photos as a girl of women who were Girl Scout years before me. I’m certain that there are girls looking at faded Polaroid’s of me on the wall at Steven’s Ranch.

Colorado has a plethora of opportunities for Girl Scouts from all over the country, if you are lucky enough to live here and have daughters that you’d love to give a lifetime experience to, you’re in luck. These camps still have opening for the summer and would love to teach/learn and sing with your daughter.

Let me know if you have questions about the camps and I can get you in touch with someone who can answer all your questions. If you need help remember any old song we all used to sing around the campfire, let me know, I’ve got a huge memory bank. J

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