Thursday, April 26, 2012

LEGO KidsFest Starts tomorrow!


I get to go to LEGO KidsFest in 2.5 days! Are you going? Did you get your tickets? Are your kids more excited than me?

(Taken from the Denver Convention Center site)


You didn’t get your tickets yet?

Okay, here is the deal about sold out tickets.

There are only tickets left for Friday (4-8:30pm) and the Sunday (3-7:30pm) and when I say “Tickets” I don’t mean a ton. Go buy them now, you don’t want you to get to the door and have them sold out, heart broken kids, heart broken adults… y’know… things like that.

Go … now, want to know where?

Go here and buy tickets: Denver Convention Center

Hurry... I want to see you out there, I want to see photos and smiles, and I want to hear about your weekend of fun. Oh… and being called the BEST parent ever is a really cool prize.
Happy Building!

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