Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Colorado Summer Camps {Giveaway}

With an 11 year old girl at home during the summer I know the words “I’m bored” will come out of her mouth within the first week.

How do I plan on combating that?  

Bug catching
Climbing Tower

Yeppers…. Sending my daughter to a two week camp with kids her own age should help a ton to remove those words from her vocabulary, at least for the two weeks that she’s out with her new friends creating memories.

Isn’t that what it’s all about? Creating memories and friends that they can write to throughout the years, learning camp songs I still sing to them at night (Yes, those are about the only songs I have in my arsenal of lullaby’s)

AO Camps here in Colorado have so many opportunities for kids her age it’s hard to choose just one. They have day camps, overnight camps, 1 week-2 week camps, they have acting, crafts, hiking and backpacking during those days as well as snacks and quiet time.

No way.

My favorite?  The Day camp here in Denver which happens to be right down the road in the lovely remodeled Stapleton. They have transportation which is included in the camp fees. Food and entertainment, and a piece of mind that when I’m off work I can go and pick her up knowing that she’s going to be all smiles full of entertaining stories and ready for dinner and hopefully bed. Nothing like a girl being tired out after a day at camp, ready for another day of adventure.

Why am I telling you this? Because I am entering to win a session of Colorado summer camp 
for a child at Altogether Outdoors from The SITS Girls!

Oh, and so you can remove the words,”  I’m bored “ from your own household this summer, or at least for two weeks.

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