Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cheap and Easy Halloween Wreath

I was on Pinterest the other day and saw an easy way to make a circle wreath out of PVC pipe insulation. That was the beginning of the end for me. Then I started to make plans... "Oh... I can make Holiday wreaths, sports team wreaths, cool things to hang on the front door."

It took me two months to finally conjure up a full idea of what I was doing.

Guess what? Two months took me right into holiday season.... was it my plan all along, NO... but it worked in my favor!

So I started with some cool cupcake liners that I fell in love with.

Then came along the cool bow making fabric.

Then the insulation foam became one with itself and the fabric was wrapped around (get two rolls) and taped together.

Simple so far right?

Then I added on this shabby chic look with the cupcake liners taped to the fabric and... LOOK..

I made a cheap, cool wreath to hang above mine and Dave's bed to bring in the season!

Simple and cheap.

Total cost: Less than 5$

Foam (3 pieces, I only used one): 1.99$
Cupcake liners (I still have tons left): 2$ a package
Fabric: 1$ on sale at Michaels

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