Friday, September 23, 2011

Tie the Knot Thursday - Wedding Dress Bliss

Chiffon, Tulle, Lace, Satin, Cotton… whatever your chosen fabric is for your wedding dress it has a magical feeling on your skin and in your heart when you see/try on the dress you fall in love with. I’m still on the hunt for mine, I’ve enlisted Dave’s mother and sister (and hopefully my mother and sister if they can make it) to go wedding dress shopping in the next few months. So… in that spirit I’ve chosen today’s post to be all about the dress that you’ll say “I do” in.

Make sure to click on the photos to go to the lovely Etsy site these are from.

There is something beautiful about this dress, it reminds me of a dress we would try on as little girls, made simply by our own hands with images of running through a field of wild flowers. I love the simple lines and natural beauty

By: KTJean 

As a garden wedding dress this has the magical look of being surrounded by fragrant flowers and vines full of honeysuckle. It’s splendid and classic 1960’s style

By:  FatRabbit 

Sometimes short and sweet is the best way to describe a wedding. Not the length of time you stay married, but in the length of time you want to spend in that much material. So why not make it easier on yourself? Short dress, amazing heels (to show off your stunning legs) and a cute updo to start the marriage of right.

Okay… what am I looking for? V-neck or sweetheart neckline, Low back (to the small of my back), Tank/partial sleeves, Tea length or possibly longer, corset type waist…. Something to show off my curves and a fabulous pair of heels! Have I found it…? I’ve found pieces of the dress on other dresses, but now I need to find the real deal. If ya’ll see anything, send it my way, until then, here is another one I love!

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