Saturday, September 10, 2011

Loaf Love Tour comes to Denver

Romantic spots for a date day without the kids in Denver:

Skybox Lounge
Reservoir (any of them if you are in a canoe)
The zoo

Yep… the noisy, hot, sometimes smelly destination full of children. It’s one of mine and Dave’s favorite places to go to without the kids. We can hold hands, relax and see things without yelling the words “Don’t push your sister” or “If you stick your finger in there that Aardvark is going to eat off your nail”

We can walk around, smile at one another when we hear other parents mutter under their breath to their kids. It’s a quiet chaos for us... mainly because it’s not our chaos.

So, when the Tillamook “Loaf Love Tour” came up, I thought… “Self, what a fabulous way to have a date day, enjoy some fresh air AND participate in a Love Tour with a VW and cheese. “ Not many times that combination comes together… 1) Random Scooby-doo commercials 2) When the Tillamook 1966 Standard VW Microbuses are joined by The Loafster during the Tour that will hit Denver September 15th – October 4th.

(See... I wasn’t just making things up)

Now… how do you get the chance to see The Loafster and perhaps get free entry into the Zoo?

Denver Zoo*
2300 Steele Street
Denver, CO 80205

Share the “Loaf Love” with Denver-area residents, The Loaf Love Tour will be offering free admission to the Denver Zoo on Saturday, September 17th for the first 200 fans who sport their brightest & wildest Tillamook Cheese orange.* (Orange-clad fans arriving after the first 200 tickets will receive $1 off admission.) Once inside, zoo-goers will have the chance to experience the Loaf Love Tour and receive cheese samples, coupons, play Loaf Love Tour bingo & more.

*Free entry for the first 200 eligible participants only. Free entry starting at 9:00 a.m. until limit reached. Participating fans may check-in at the Tillamook Baby Loaf bus located outside the main gates.  To win, attendees must be wearing orange. Limit one free entry per person, no monetary value.

WHEN:                      September 17th, 2011 – 9 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. – Denver Zoo

So it’s a date right? Dave and I will be out there together holding hands and dancing deftly around children as they scramble for the peacocks. If you see us, come up and say Hi, take a photo with us… we love chaos. 

~These opinions are all mine, but really, how can you NOT like cheese and the zoo? I am given Media passes into this event and I promise to attempt to eat my weight in cheese.~

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