Friday, September 9, 2011

Fit Fridays 9/9

It has been a really busy summer here at our house. With 7 kids and vacations, parties, media events and some languid days on the canoe, I’ve been really quiet.

However there is another reason behind the silence. I started on a new path, one that involved discipline and is requiring more from me ever yday. How is it something as simple as weight loss could be so blasted time/energy consuming?

Yes… I started to lose weight pretty hardcore in May and have since dumped 30 pounds. What have I learned from this adventure?

  • ·         Clothing sizes don’t change much until you shed off around 25-35 pounds.
  • ·         The scale is best used once a week. Yes, I do it more often, but once a week is the only amount I record.
  • ·         I need motivation, but more so, I need to motivate others. I joined and have a ton of friends, I am on a monthly competition and am seeing people change their lives everyday.
  • ·         5-6 meals a day works well for me. As long as I stay on that path it’s the right amount.
  • ·         That “time of the month” is brutal… seriously…

So… since this is a part of my life, it’s also a part of my blog. Welcome to Fit Fridays! Wanna join in with me, come to, I’m on there and happy to throw out some encouragement.

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