Friday, April 1, 2011

Tie the Knot Thursday - 4/1/11

Okay, okay, I’ll let ya’ll in on a secret that I’ve been keeping. It’s not a huge secret but for some of you it’ll help for you to “plan” and not make any vacations or events during this time. The wedding will be sometime in September or October of 2012.

For my beloved high school and childhood friends, I will be having a reception in Texas sometime during October of 2012 for those of you that can’t travel.

Whew… there, I said it. It’s official since I said it out loud right?

(Now, onto the lovely Etsy creations from this week, sorry it’s a little late! Don’t forget to click on the photos to get to the Etsy site that these are at)

I love this idea. It’s cute for decorating, and I can change what I put in here after the wedding of course! In fact, we almost threw out a similar coat hanger, now I’m going to take it and sand it, paint it then put it in the hallway. I need something to decorate that space!

                                                        Creator: katescottage2

Am I allowed to throw a little girl fit with lace, arms and legs flailing around for this? I want…. So much. Antique spoons, the date I married the man of my dreams? Please…?

                                                        Creator: monkeysalwayslook

Will we have a ring bearer and flower girl? Possibly not, but things change, daily in my head. Do I want to see the three youngest walking down the isle with sweet smile? Heck yes? Do I think LaLa will throw a fit and want to be held, I’d place money on it. But if we do have a ring bearer it’ll be Jacob and for the pillow, I want this to hold the “rings of everafter”… Hmmm… perhaps I’ll get that sewn into the pillow.

Creator: bstudio

I would love to have a cake that  tastes good and that people will enjoy. I also want one that fits my personality. (Dave’s going have a groom’s cake, he doesn’t know it yet, well... now he does. Hi honey!) Anyhow… that being said I would love to use this mold to make candy flowers on the cake and for future events.

Creator: Molds

This is how I want to send out “Save the Date” Reminders! If ya’ll get a strange card from me… it probably has this in it, then you’ll never forget the date, pretty cute idea huh?

Creator: Angel Ellie

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