Friday, April 1, 2011

Big Event Fundraising - Who wants the new generation of fundraisers?

School fundraiser ideas are ever changing in my kid’s school district. We have had everything from wrapping paper, to cookie dough and this last one was cool shaped pasta.

I love helping the school my kids go to, many school districts are having financial issues and the assistance from local families can make a difference for a music/sports or arts deparments,  but sometimes school fundraising items aren’t the best quality. So when grandparents, uncles, aunts and parents buy these items they don’t make it past the unwrapping stage, they are put aside as “cute items from the kids” but not very useful.

I want school fundraising brochures that offer kitchen/grilling items! I want to grill with cedar planks and salmon, baste my chicken with tangy BBQ sauce and use new items like pancake pens during Sunday morning breakfast.

What better way to buy gifts early for relatives so when the holidays roll around I already have them done and I can get things for the kids. Though my kids are cool, I’m certain they don’t want a bite size brownie mold. (But if you are curious… Yes, I’d like one)

Not only are those items things that I can use and purchase but I also want good incentives for my kids to want to sell. After having kids for the past 19 years I’ve come across so many of these fundraisers and if we purchase three items and they can come home with a water wiggler or a fan that breaks the night they get it, then there are tears and dismay through out the house for the entire weekend. I don’t know about you but that is NEVER fun for me!

I love that Big Event Fundraising has incentive parties, at the school! This Super Splash Party sounds like a lot of fun and it’s a great incentive for the kids to sell 8 or more items. I am sure their cute little smiles will get that in a flash!


• inflatable wild rapids ride

• giant inflatable water slide

• inflatable water tag arena

• inflatable slip-n-slide

• ‘Fun Flush’ soaker

• a live DJ and more!

So… now I just need to find out who the PTO president is at my kids school and tell them about this, because really, I wanna play in the water too!

~This is a sponsored post, the opinion is all mine~

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