Saturday, January 8, 2011

Saturday Quiet

Dave and I get one weekend a month to ourselves. No kids, no rules, nothing for two nights.

It's our date weekend, our times to go to bed late, wake up early and not live on any one's schedule but our own.

So this morning, we got home around 4am, crawled into bed and woke up sometime around 10am. After tossing around the idea of what we were going to do with the rest of our day, he requested a picnic. Subway, drinks and sitting outside by one of our reservoirs and talking.

So we did.

We went the the reservior, got a yearly pass (which is a great idea if you have kids. A beach, playgrounds, fishing areas and boat rentals that only cost 24$ for 2 hours, how can you beat that?).

Of course I brought my camera, and got some amazing shots of our day!

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Kate said...

This really makes me happy to know people are out there living their life. With kids I can imagine it's so very hard to have time to yourselves but I'm glad you ARE doing that. So many other people can do but maybe are scared to try.

Lovely pictures, looks like a perfect day ;)