Friday, January 7, 2011

The Juno Company Review

Dave and I are not musical type people. We don’t play instruments; we listen to music on the Sirius through Direct TV. There aren’t many concerts that we will attend and over all, are more technologically connected to music than any other way.

So when I received The Juno Company gift pack I was thrilled to have a way for my children to start experiencing music and appreciating the emotions and fun that can come from listening to music made for children. My toddlers were mesmerizing by the songs and the story. I can always tell if it’s a success because my 3 year old keeps asking if she can “see her movie”. “The Day the Music Stopped” is a story about when Bunny presses the big red button on Murphy's Shush Machine; she inadvertently silences the town of Harmonia Springs. Juno realizes that, in order to bring life back to the town, she and her friends have to create their own music through melody, harmony, rhythm and – most of all – friendship.

Juno is a six-year-old girl with a passion for music. While practicing the piano in her bedroom, Juno and her two-year-old brother, Rai Rai, are transported to the imaginary, magical, musical world of Harmonia Springs. Trees are made of cellos, cars are shaped like bass clefs and lamp posts like French horns, street signs flash "Waltz" and the train that takes them on their journey is made up entirely of musical instruments.What were Juno's pets in the real world suddenly become her puppet friends in Harmonia Springs. Through their journeys, the characters learn new musical concepts as they sing to the original, orchestral music composed by Belinda Takahashi Ph.D.

I received the movie and a sturdy tote bag (which can be used to carry our books during the weekly library trip) right after the holidays, which was a nice quiet, educational time to spend with my daughters to help them wind down from the busy holiday season.
If you are looking for a way to quiet down your kids minds without traditional TV and for them to learn something in the process, I would suggest looking into The Juno Company, they have many ways to educate our children on music, emotions and friendship.

(Many thanks to the US Family Guide for the opportunity to review for The Juno Company, my opinions were not swayed by the product offer.)

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The Juno Company said...

Hi Suzanne -

Thanks for the kind words about The Juno Company! Hopefully this will help you and Dave become music lovers too :) Your kids are adorable and congrats on the upcoming wedding!

The Juno Company also has a program called One For All whereby for every product purchased, we donate one to child in need through our partnership with the National Head Start Association. Because we believe music should be for all children regardless of financial means.

Thanks again for your support!

The Juno team