Thursday, January 6, 2011

Tie the Knot Thursdays - 1/6/11

Since getting engaged in December I’ve been trying to come up with at least one day a week that I’m going to devote to weddings. All weddings… not just mine but of course that is at the foremost of my mind most of the time these days! So… Tie the Knot Thursdays were born!

If you have wedding photos, items, magazines (which are the most addicting things next to weddings blogs), blog or other wedding ideas, I’d love to hear them. Feel free to email me at: Suzanne -Crunchygreenmom(at)gmail(dot)com

This past week I was introduced to a wonderful designer by a fellow Social Media Mom -Theresa Seid (TwitterID: @RockOnMommies).

Her name is Renee Pawele and her work is exquisite, the designs are original and if you are looking to be a one of a kind bride (who isn’t?), then you need to check her out at Renee Pawele Bride.

I believe that you “know” the items you want, if you are walking through a store and see a dress you love... it’s “the one”. That is the same for relationships, jewelry and kids. (But honestly… who hasn’t seen their child and had their breath taken away?)

I saw these Pearl Cluster earrings on the Renee Pawele Bride site and fell instantly in love. They are elegant, not too flashy and with a tanned completion they would pop beautifully.

(Photo taken from Renee Pawele Bride)

Love them right? Paired with a Mini Flirt Veil it’s *the* combination!

(Photo taken from Renee Pawele Bride)

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