Thursday, January 13, 2011

Delurker Day 2011 - January 14

My friend Aimee, who is a Denver local Mom, one of my favorite photographers and the greatest dry sense of humor I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing sent me an email today.

It might have been a hint…..
Or just a suggestion…

I’m going with hint.

Yep… Tomorrow is DeLurker Day!! I don’t think that’s a word, in fact, as I write this, Microsoft Word is confirming my suspicions that it’s NOT a word… but DeBunker day doesn’t sound at all right, so I’m choosing to ignore their request to change it.

Yes… that means “YOU”…. Yes… you who is thinking about NOT commenting. I’ll write you a pretty post tomorrow… maybe something with poetry, a photo… and a joke. Y’think that’ll bring you back?

No Lurking tomorrow!! Please…. Say Hi.. I promise I’ll say Hi back!

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