Friday, January 14, 2011

DLD 2011 - Come on in!!


I know we’ve met…. But just in case you are new to my pretty little blog, allow me to introduce myself.
I’m Suzanne and this is my lovely blog.
I’m Crunchy Green Mom – though not as green as I’d like to be, but closer to Boulder than I used to be, so the Crunchy still applies and the Mom part.. Yea.. I got that in my bag.
I’m Mom – Mommy, Ma, MaMa, to 7 amazing kids.
I’m a fiancé to a wonderful man named Dave, he calls me Lily.
I have a lot of names; I wear a lot of hats, I work outside the home and then come home and work inside the home. I don’t get enough sleep, I make sure date nights happen at least once a month and have yet to figure out how to get my truck to fill it self up with gas so I don’t run out.

I promised you a poem right?

Let The Sun Shine

Let the sun shine in…

Face it with a grin…..

Smilers never lose….

Frowners never win…

By Sierra

I killed two birds with one stone though… Here is your picture AND joke I promised….

Not funny?

You don’t blog much huh?

You are reading this through my Facebook and have no idea why that’s funny huh?

Hmmmm….. wanna dirty joke?

Get it?? Dirty joke: Two pigs playing in the mud?

This joke courtesy of my father…. It’s his favorite joke, he’s 75.


Eternally Curious said...

LOL! Love the jokes (both of them)!

Kim Hosey said...

I love them too!

And hello! Happy Delurking Day! I promise to visit (and comment!) way more often.