Crunchy Green Mom - Suzanne

Crunchy Green Mom - Suzanne

Thursday, November 11, 2010

30 Days about Me - Favorite Non-Fiction Book

I looked up Non-fiction on Wikipedia.


Because I wanted to know what all fell under this description.

My first answer was blogs.

I LOVE to read blogs, I catch up on everyone at least once a week and before my Mile High Mama meet up’s I make sure to read everyone’s blog over the past month to make sure I knew how they are doing.

But this question was regarding books. Favorite Non-Fiction Book.

This was a hard one. However, this morning in the early hours while I was sitting at work, drinking my happy juice (coffee), I realized the book I always turn to when I need the help. When I’m feeling lost within myself.

Sarah Ban Breathnach was “born to write”. She’s intuitive, funny and brings you into her books like a warm blanket. It is one of my favorite ways to get lost in “myself”.

The one book in particular is A Daybook of Comfort and Joy.

When I was a single mom pregnant with baby #6 and the six months afterward while I was trying to relearn who I was as a woman and a mother, I read this everyday. I spent over a year trying to fall in love with the woman I had become; this book was instrumental in that.

She taught me to love myself, to enjoy a bubble bath once a week, buy sexy socks because it doesn’t matter if anyone else can see them... I can. She helped me learn that there are over 150 different types of honey in the US alone and to enjoy them.

I have given my own copy of this book to women going through a divorce and am about to give my copy to a co-worker who lost her mother and seems to need a warm hug from something she can get lost in.

If you have 10 minutes a day before work, or after work…. Take the chance to fall in love with yourself and the world around you. It’s worth it!

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