Wednesday, November 10, 2010

30 Days about Me - Fiction Book

I fell in love with reading as a young kid. I used to spend every Saturday afternoon at the library in my hometown. My mom would drop me off for two hours and then pick me up with an arm full of books and many days of quiet reading.

I became fascinated in all kinds of books and the one that still captures my attention are books about Fairy Tales. Mainly Fairy Tales from around the world have Myths and legends, stories of boogie men that parents tell their children to keep them in bed at night.

I love the story of Babi Yaga… it always frightened me and still gives me the heebee jeebees. (Slavic FairyTales)

The Changling also has a lot of different variations, Dave’s mother used to call them “brownies”

Changing things up for kids is a great idea, even for us, because the world doesn’t just end at our borders and it is wonderful to see the world outside of our own myths!

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Amber said...

Amen to this. My kids have always loved me to read to them but I've been struggling to get my daughter excited to read for herself.

Then we discovered the Magic Tree House books and a whole new world is opening up to her!