Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Daydreaming about Design - CSN Stores

Dave built me this gorgeous dining room table that seats 8 adults (with ease) and that is just on the bench seating, we haven’t even found the right chairs for the heads of the table yet. However when we have dinner parties, people mingling and eat appetizers on the bar stools we have at the bartop.

We had some of Dave’s baseball team mates over to the house for a dinner about a month ago. Nothing says, “Welcome to our abode” like steaks, grilled potatoes, salad and grilled bread. It was a delicious meal and made me feel wonderful when they looked around and said, “This place is so cozy and comfortable.”

I love the home Dave and I have built together, it’s a warm, safe place for us and our kids. It is always a work in progress! We have our ideas of what we want and I’m looking for ways to decorate the walls that don’t include painting (neither of us are fond of painting).

That being said, I like to “window” shop. Which is really internet shopping while I drool on my computer. CSN is one of the stores that I spend hours on at home. So what items are my weakness?

How about my first choice, a dutch oven, I have wanted one of these for a long time now! Stews in the winter would be outstanding if made in one of these, better than the thin pan I currently own.

I need a great clock to go above the dining room table so that I can get that wall decorated and give us something to look at.

And a new chaise lounge for the back porch.

Oh, and new curtains for the dining room because the rose pink ones are driving me insane!!

What changes would you make to your home? And where do you like to “window” shop?

~I received a monetary, gift card, item compensation for this post~

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Brittany said...

I have that EXACT dutch oven--- and.... well... it's the best piece of kitchenware I have. No joke! I love it! :) I use it often, in the winter especially! :)